Private Labeling and Services


Contract Packaging & Filling

Greenline Laboratories offers contract packaging, and welcomes all those who are interested in our services to fill out the contact form, so that the sales department can contact you with answers to any questions you may have.

Private Labeling

There will be a one-time charge for all new artwork and producing a one-color silk-screen. This charge only applies if Greenline Laboratories is silk-screening the package, but not doing product fill. However, if the customer chooses to order their product from Greenline Laboratories, there will be no charge for the screen, as long as the customer orders the minimum required for private label and a total of 600 gallons within (1) year. If the minimum is not met, the customer will be billed the initial charge.
There will be a charge for any modifications to existing silk-screens, such as changes in address, telephone number, and etc.
If you are interested in any private label or silk-screening services, please fill out the contact form and you will be contacted by our sales department.


*Our product selection extends beyond what we have provided information for online. If you wish to inquire about our
full selection of products, please let us know by using our contact form or calling us at (909) 923-1722. Thank you!